What it is all about

Started in 2013 I am me created an annual event that is held every year in Perth Western Australia that is all about loving your boddies and accepting and loving who you are exactly the way you are.

One way that we really love to capture this is through the use of a photo booth. We are fortunate enough that a local photo booth company lends us a couple of their booths so that we are able to use it take some great pictures. Pictures about people representing themselves, representing them bodies, representing the lack of care of what others think and truly just being at peace.

Also each year in the event is a nice skinny dip which is completely organized and cut off from the general public. The skinny dip event is hosted by the wild fig cafe and in this year of 2015 we set the Guinness world record for the most people skinny dipping at once. I will touch more on this another post.

Every year I am me gets bigger and bigger with more members joining, more people participating and the creation of a warmer environment supporting our cause. This year was our biggest year yet and we are excited to continue to expand as every year passes. as mentioned from photo booths to healthy delicious food

As mentioned from photo booths, we also have healthy delicious food, seminars, information packs, skinny dip and much more all in a confined safe environment where people can freely express themselves and be happy and be fun.

We are proud of what we have created we are proud of all the people who have joined and supported us and we look forward to continuing to grow as we encourage more people to love themselves and love their bodies. So do you love your body? we think you should!

Welcome to I Am Me

Welcome to I am me, a site about loving your body no matter what shape or form it is.

We are all beautiful human beings and we are perfect just the way you are are we want to promote and support those to love themselves and love their bodies we want to encourage everyone to love themselves and to be bold and brave and step out in embrace who they are

Be brave be bold and get yourself out in front of a camera show what you have got him proud of who you are. We are dedicated to showcasing the beauty of all human beings and wants you to realize how awesome you are. So get out there in front of a camera take some photos of your beautiful self, smile be happy be proud and just be you thank you and welcome to our site