Reinventing Your Self

Don’t worry. It’s normal. Feeling like you are getting tired with your old self is something we all feel. This doesn’t mean you don’t see yourself as “important”. As a matter of fact, this only means that you put yourself as your priority and you feel like you need some change around.

Change is good. Change can bring about a lot of great things in your life. So whenever I see somebody who wants to change, I urge them on. It doesn’t matter what age you are. You can be 25, 35, 50, or even 80. It’s never too late.

See, the fact is not all of us are happy with how things are going with our lives. Some of us are tired, others battered, while there are those who are traumatized.

So how do you reinvent yourself? Here are some steps you might want to take to start the reinvention process.

  1. Ask yourself if you really want to change – A lot of people go into the idea of reinventing themselves without fully knowing what they truly want. Ask yourself, do you really want to reinvent yourself or are you just running away?
  2. Wake up early – A lot of people I know who go and try to reinvent themselves still follow the same habits they had in the past. If you want to change, start with waking up early. No, I am not talking about waking at 4 am. Start by making sure you don’t wake up past 6:30 am every morning. You’ll notice a brand new world.
  3. Learn to prioritize – Find out what is truly important in your life and start there. Make sure you have your goal fixed and focused on. Start with the stuff that is essential in your reinvention.
  4. Find like-minded individuals – Always remember that people around you should be instrumental in your change. Find people who will help you to change. In this world where it’s so easy to connect with others, finding the right people to attach you maybe hard so make sure you really put your back into it.
  5. Learn something new – Part of the whole “reinvent yourself” process is to learn something new. This will give you a brand new outlook in life and something to put your mind into. Start by reading books.
  6. Start being honest – Be honest with others and always be honest with yourself.


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