Our Shoot With A Kombi

Whoever said photo shoots were all glitz and glamour got it so very, very wrong. I recently had the awesome but tiring experience of having a photo shoot with a kombi. Kombis are cool.

I think was Danielle that thought it’d make for a great update to the home page.

It wasn’t easy, though. See, the crew and I wanted to get a more “professional” feel out of it, rather than just looking like a few haphazard selfies with a kombi. We wanted it to look great, to show off our bodies and how much work we put into making ourselves look perfect.

We did not expect to run into so much work along the way.

The first thing we decided on was the venue. We wanted a nice, open field. It had lots of nature and trees, to give the whole thing an ‘outdoor camping experience’ feel. Haley found a nice spot that was perfect, and if we got there at the right time, the lighting would have been perfect.

Yeah, getting there proved to be a problem. At some point between finding the field and going there, we lost the map. We had copies of it, and we somehow lost them too. I’m…actually not entirely sure how that happened.

We ended up finding the place about an hour later than we wanted. The lighting was fading away. Good thing Mack insisted we bring some lighting of our own. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than nothing.

Then it started raining. On the one hand, it wasn’t so bad. A light drizzle wasn’t going to ruin anyone’s day.

On the other hand, it wasn’t very good for most of our stuff. It was coming down at an angle, and it kept getting on the lenses of the cameras. It’s hard to admire your well-sculpted body when there are drops of rain distorting the light when the shot was taken.

It wasn’t all bad, though.

We decided that getting everything glamorous and perfect wasn’t going to work out, not with how everything was coming down. Instead, we decided to cut loose. I mean, we had a cool kombi right there. We couldn’t get a perfect, ‘magazine-style’ shoot, but that’s no reason not to have fun.

We took poses with the Kombi, inside and out.

You know, I used to ride in one a lot. My father had one that he treated like it was part of the family. The one Andy got from some Kombi hire Perth site wasn’t the same, but it brought back memories.

Maybe it was the rain. Maybe it was all the grass. Whatever made us think it, we decided just to snap pictures of us fooling around and getting crazy. I think at one point Haley accidentally knocked one of the lights over, and we all just laughed once we realised it wasn’t broken.

By the end, we realised a couple of things.

First, kombis are as photogenic as I remember. Even if it was just there, it was a great partner to play off of while taking pictures. It had a great body, just like us.

Second, sometimes you can make a perfect whole out of imperfect parts. Love those moments like you love your body, and you’ll have less stress in your life.


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