1 ways to love yourself: improve inner dialogue

Overcome the beliefs about yourself that are negative.
Many people struggle with letting go of the thoughts that ar weighing them down and holding them back… the negative ones. These thoughts normal come from outside people, not our own dialogue. It is however that we value them and their opinions, so we allow their input to be greater than our own.

Avoid this thing called ‘perfectionism’
A lot of people are always striving to be ‘perfect’ and therefore will never accept anything less. When you find yourself pursuing perfectionism and you fall short and then end up feeling negative, follow this: Stop your line of thinking, work towards a goal by focusing on required effort and then steadily apply that effort.

Negative filter…Get rid of it
It is a bad habit to only focus and give energy to the negatives that are happening in your life, and the more you do so, the more likely you are to disregard all of the events in your life when they dont go your way. In the end you will begin to complain that everything is bad, when in fact it really isn’t.

Don’t call yourself names.
You ultimately reduce yourself and who you are if you call yourself names. You reduce yourself from who your  are to a fixed way of negative being. Instead of calling yourself ‘useless’ say ‘my capabilities are not the greatest but im glad i gave it a go”


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