1 ways to love yourself: improve inner dialogue

Overcome the beliefs about yourself that are negative.
Many people struggle with letting go of the thoughts that ar weighing them down and holding them back… the negative ones. These thoughts normal come from outside people, not our own dialogue. It is however that we value them and their opinions, so we allow their input to be greater than our own.

Avoid this thing called ‘perfectionism’
A lot of people are always striving to be ‘perfect’ and therefore will never accept anything less. When you find yourself pursuing perfectionism and you fall short and then end up feeling negative, follow this: Stop your line of thinking, work towards a goal by focusing on required effort and then steadily apply that effort.

Negative filter…Get rid of it
It is a bad habit to only focus and give energy to the negatives that are happening in your life, and the more you do so, the more likely you are to disregard all of the events in your life when they dont go your way. In the end you will begin to complain that everything is bad, when in fact it really isn’t.

Don’t call yourself names.
You ultimately reduce yourself and who you are if you call yourself names. You reduce yourself from who your  are to a fixed way of negative being. Instead of calling yourself ‘useless’ say ‘my capabilities are not the greatest but im glad i gave it a go”

Feng Shui-ing Your Space



Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging and aligning the elements of a home, office, garden, or body. The alignment is meant to influence the ambient energies to increase good fortune or to minimize the impact of bad luck. This involves the use of a number of interior design principles.


Now, to the Chinese, “good fortune” doesn’t just mean money. It could mean success financially, yes. It could also mean good health, better relationships, and other things.


I’m of the position that while I don’t necessarily believe in any magical properties inherent to feng shui practice, it doesn’t hurt to try and follow the general ideas. After all, we could all use a little extra good fortune now and then.


It helps that if you align your room according to the principles of the practice, you get some benefits that are more apparent.


Rooms aligned and arranged according to feng shui get more air and natural light.


A big, important thing to the principles of the practice is the use of natural lighting when possible. If you don’t have a lot of windows, the use of mirrors to create the illusion of greater space is recommended. This makes space feel better lit, which can do wonders for anyone in it.


Clutter is the enemy of good feng shui.


Small things, unnecessary objects, and other things are all believed to block the flow of energy in a room. It doesn’t help that these same things also get in the way of you moving around or using the room. Clearing them out, leaving only the essentials in the right places, can breathe new life into it.


The ideas are all about promoting balance and harmony in furniture assembly Perth.


The key to good feng shui is to make sure no one element stands out in the wrong way. You want the centrepiece or focal point of your room to fulfil that function, not be overshadowed by a mirror on the south side. This can go a long way towards avoiding ostentatious displays or gaudiness in your home.


Finally, flow is very important in feng shui. As it should be, given how important it is to people.


People and energy alike both flow. When we move around a room, we subconsciously dislike paths that require us to go out of “our way.” A room that’s properly arranged and aligned will be one that promotes a smooth flow of people moving in, out, and about the space.

How to Get Back Up From a Bad Credit Rating

When you obtain a home or unsecured loan, the initial thing your loan provider will check is your credit rating. A creditscore or a credit background is basically an effect produced from the evaluation of someone’s credit files. Furthermore to banks, insurance firms, telephone companies, and authorities corporations also use credit scoring to evaluate someone’s financial stand.


Why is CREDIT HISTORY Important?


When you complete the application for financing, the bank doesn’t have any solid methods to examine you in conditions of your capability to settle the loan promptly. So they use credit ranking as an instrument to regulate how strong you are fiscally. Because of this, they execute a complete examination of your earnings, on-going mortgages, possessions and consider a great many other factors to examine you. This provides the banking companies and other money lenders a specific picture of your financial status. If you try to borrow funds with bad credit, it’s very likely that the application might be declined.


Known reasons for Bad CREDIT SCORE


A person may wrap up with a bad credit  score due to lots of reasons. If you miss your repayments towards mortgage loans frequently, this may lead to bad ranking. Laziness in paying the expenses, poor finances and overspending are a few of the significant reasons of bad credit. Different countries have unique methods of examining someone’s creditworthiness. A standard bank can deny the use of an individual asking for to borrow funds with bad rating. That is done according to bank’s policies so that they can protect themselves from people whose credit results do not meet the set criteria. To boost your credit score, you can speak to a consolidation company for easy repayment options.


MORTGAGE LOANS with Bad Credit


Developing a bad credit will not totally disqualify you to secure a home loan. You could still borrow funds with bad rating by using loan consolidation firms. If you want to close a offer on a residence you like, there is no need to be concerned if the lender rejects the application for loan. A loan consolidation company will analyse your financial documents and offer you loan on certain conditions and conditions. Usually the individual trying to get the loan would need to pay a just a bit higher interest than a person who has a good credit score. But as you make your repayments regularly, there’s a higher potential for your credit results getting better. If you own a secured asset you can still borrow funds with poor credit, as your asset will be utilized as security, not your credit credit score. That is called a secure loan. If you don’t own a secured asset, then you’ll still may be eligible for an unprotected loan which is put through specific conditions.


If you still need help with your bad credit, people like those from www.thefinancialadvisorsperth.com.au can help you out with navigating your way through your debt.

Overcoming Anxiety through Self-Help

Stress and anxiety are an inevitable part of our life as there is no escape from the rigmarole of an active lifestyle of modern times. The everyday stress, when left unattended, can convert into a full-blown stress disorder and magnify later on. In such circumstances, medical intervention is the sole option.


Though an panic attacks needs medical attention, almost all of the standard and usual lifestyle-induced stress can be busted aware of a little effort. Certain self-help techniques can surely help people reduce the chances of agony and stress and lead a healthy life lacking any mental anxiety.


Here, we discuss a few celebrated self-help techniques which may have buoyed people in times of anxiety and stress:


Practicing silence: “In the midst of motion and chaos, keep quietness inside of you, inch said Deepak Chopra, publisher of books such as the Eight Spiritual Laws of Accomplishment. The world is packed with distractions from all around, including satellite television set programs to internet and mobile phones and other modes of electronic communication. These create unsettling ripples inside, creating uneasiness and restlessness in the minds of people. Stress is the most immediate fallout of the chaotic modern-day lifestyle. Yet setting aside a couple of minutes every day for practicing quiet keeps the mental muddle to a minimum amount and people can stay calm for the rest of the day.


Being in accord with oneself: This really is relatively similar to practicing quiet. Being in touch with one’s inner self is a sure shot way to beat stress and anxiety. Closing one’s eye, sitting still and centering inwardly have helped people stay calm and create a composed demeanor. This is a veritable technique to overcome stress and keep anxiety at bay. This kind of simple yet effective way has helped millions around the globe stay focused and maintain inner equilibrium.


Pursuing a person’s passion: For the specific is absorbed within an activity which is near the heart, there is complete peace within. Numerous studies have revealed that the brain waves get slower when associated with such activities. Activities like bird-watching, hiking, cooking, biking, piece of art, writing, sewing, gardening, picture taking, working together with animals, etc. quiet the nerves. Besides, there is also an interior satisfaction in people who pursue their true getting in touch with.


Staying off news from time to time: Modern day news is mostly negative and continuing assimilation of such products does have a bad impact on an individual’s mind. This can be a good practice to stay off news programs for a day, week or even a month. This will offer a fresh perspective to people when they resume. It functions by decluttering the head of deleterious thoughts that cause stress and help people start anew.


Learning a meditative technique: Presently there are many meditative techniques out there and no particular method is good for all. Getting a most suitable technique and learning and practicing it tackles the condition of stress and anxiety like no other.

Massage therapy: An everyday rub tends to lower the heart rate and bloodstream pressure and aids muscle relaxation. Any pent up stress and anxiety can be adequately managed by acquiring a soothing massage.

Anxiousness disorders are the most frequent mental illness in the circumstances affecting practically forty million adults in the country. Managing and dealing with everyday stress with such techniques can thwart stress attacks to a huge level. But a more serious anxiety disorder needs proper treatment.

Remodelling Small Bathrooms

I believe everybody can agree with me when I say that bathrooms are just the best. I can go as far as to say that they are the best spot in the house. It’s place that you get to own for a couple of minutes. A place of peace and solace.

That’s why a bathroom remodel is always an exciting experience to any household. It’s like getting a brand new bathroom without having to change houses. But this might not hold true to every home. Especially the ones with small bathrooms.

The general idea is that small bathrooms can’t be remodeled or renovated. I mean, I can’t blame them for thinking that way. There are bathrooms that are too small that one person may find it hard to move around. So how can you possibly remodel something that’s already too small?

Well, the good thing I am going to tell you is that these people are wrong. Any kind of bathroom; big, small, wide, narrow. A bathroom renovation aims to transform a bathroom into something new, you are only limited by your imagination. You can check out www.bathroomrenovationsperthwa.com.au to see how they transform regular bathrooms into rooms of splendor and grandeur.

While it is true that a small bathroom is hard to remodel due to the area, there are a number of nifty tricks you can use to maximize a small bathroom remodel in your home.

  1. Plan everything before starting. What are the things you can do without and what are the parts that you want to add? Note that you are already limited by space so you should make sure that you put the necessities first before the extras.
  2. Be creative in your remodel. Just because a certain side has always been empty doesn’t mean you can’t use it on your remodel. Any space in your bathroom is fair game in a remodel. Just make sure you remember suggestion 1.
  3. Replace the fittings. Another remodel suggestion that might work for you and your small bathroom is to get better fittings. A lot of “one-size-fits-all” bathrooms have generic fittings that certainly don’t take into consideration the size of the bathroom. You don’t even have to buy the expensive ones either.
  4. Use optical illusions to give bathroom goers the feeling of a much bigger space. A well-placed mirror can double the size of your bathroom. Just make sure you don’t make the placement awkward.

Reinventing Your Self

Don’t worry. It’s normal. Feeling like you are getting tired with your old self is something we all feel. This doesn’t mean you don’t see yourself as “important”. As a matter of fact, this only means that you put yourself as your priority and you feel like you need some change around.

Change is good. Change can bring about a lot of great things in your life. So whenever I see somebody who wants to change, I urge them on. It doesn’t matter what age you are. You can be 25, 35, 50, or even 80. It’s never too late.

See, the fact is not all of us are happy with how things are going with our lives. Some of us are tired, others battered, while there are those who are traumatized.

So how do you reinvent yourself? Here are some steps you might want to take to start the reinvention process.

  1. Ask yourself if you really want to change – A lot of people go into the idea of reinventing themselves without fully knowing what they truly want. Ask yourself, do you really want to reinvent yourself or are you just running away?
  2. Wake up early – A lot of people I know who go and try to reinvent themselves still follow the same habits they had in the past. If you want to change, start with waking up early. No, I am not talking about waking at 4 am. Start by making sure you don’t wake up past 6:30 am every morning. You’ll notice a brand new world.
  3. Learn to prioritize – Find out what is truly important in your life and start there. Make sure you have your goal fixed and focused on. Start with the stuff that is essential in your reinvention.
  4. Find like-minded individuals – Always remember that people around you should be instrumental in your change. Find people who will help you to change. In this world where it’s so easy to connect with others, finding the right people to attach you maybe hard so make sure you really put your back into it.
  5. Learn something new – Part of the whole “reinvent yourself” process is to learn something new. This will give you a brand new outlook in life and something to put your mind into. Start by reading books.
  6. Start being honest – Be honest with others and always be honest with yourself.

Our Shoot With A Kombi

Whoever said photo shoots were all glitz and glamour got it so very, very wrong. I recently had the awesome but tiring experience of having a photo shoot with a kombi. Kombis are cool.

I think was Danielle that thought it’d make for a great update to the home page.

It wasn’t easy, though. See, the crew and I wanted to get a more “professional” feel out of it, rather than just looking like a few haphazard selfies with a kombi. We wanted it to look great, to show off our bodies and how much work we put into making ourselves look perfect.

We did not expect to run into so much work along the way.

The first thing we decided on was the venue. We wanted a nice, open field. It had lots of nature and trees, to give the whole thing an ‘outdoor camping experience’ feel. Haley found a nice spot that was perfect, and if we got there at the right time, the lighting would have been perfect.

Yeah, getting there proved to be a problem. At some point between finding the field and going there, we lost the map. We had copies of it, and we somehow lost them too. I’m…actually not entirely sure how that happened.

We ended up finding the place about an hour later than we wanted. The lighting was fading away. Good thing Mack insisted we bring some lighting of our own. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than nothing.

Then it started raining. On the one hand, it wasn’t so bad. A light drizzle wasn’t going to ruin anyone’s day.

On the other hand, it wasn’t very good for most of our stuff. It was coming down at an angle, and it kept getting on the lenses of the cameras. It’s hard to admire your well-sculpted body when there are drops of rain distorting the light when the shot was taken.

It wasn’t all bad, though.

We decided that getting everything glamorous and perfect wasn’t going to work out, not with how everything was coming down. Instead, we decided to cut loose. I mean, we had a cool kombi right there. We couldn’t get a perfect, ‘magazine-style’ shoot, but that’s no reason not to have fun.

We took poses with the Kombi, inside and out.

You know, I used to ride in one a lot. My father had one that he treated like it was part of the family. The one Andy got from some Kombi hire Perth site wasn’t the same, but it brought back memories.

Maybe it was the rain. Maybe it was all the grass. Whatever made us think it, we decided just to snap pictures of us fooling around and getting crazy. I think at one point Haley accidentally knocked one of the lights over, and we all just laughed once we realised it wasn’t broken.

By the end, we realised a couple of things.

First, kombis are as photogenic as I remember. Even if it was just there, it was a great partner to play off of while taking pictures. It had a great body, just like us.

Second, sometimes you can make a perfect whole out of imperfect parts. Love those moments like you love your body, and you’ll have less stress in your life.

Love projection

The love you project outwards in a direct reflection of the love that you put inwards.

You are the sole source of love in your life, the love that you give to yourself, the love you give to thers and the love you receive from other people. You are the center and the source of all things love in your life.

What does this mean? This means love yourself and you will love everything else in your life. Love those around you, love the things that you are up to and where you are in life. People will be attracted to you and all that you have to offer and give, because it is so vibrant and alive.


Its so important to love yourself.

If you dont love yourself then how can you love anything else with real passion?

You are the centre f your being and you can only put out what you put in. We unfortunately, get so caught up by the media nd the opinions of others that we don’t just stop and love ourselves and forget about others thoughts.

Instead it then tends to rule people and these beautiful beings with so much to offer hide out. Love yourself and your body all the time.